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INDT 501-02: Week 10 Mini Projects II

Sunday, March 24th, 2013



I really enjoyed learning more about Timetoast and GoogleTrek.  Timetoast was SUPER easy to use! I liked the idea that you could add more than just text to the specified date. I chose to do major events of the Civil War from 1861-1865. I had to cut down on some of the events due to the overwhelming events that occurred and I did not want to bombard the timeline with 100+ events.  I narrowed down to the ones that I believed were most important and that most people would know about. I would definitely use this in my classroom as a type of project for my students to do. I would want them to investigate a time period (in groups) and come up with the 10 most important events that occurred. This would be an easy website for the group to work on in order to put those events in chronological order. I also like the idea that your timeline get’s published so we could ask other students in other schools to weigh in on how they felt the students did on the timeline, or maybe we could even receive feedback from students that used our timelines in their class to help them!

GoogelTrek was also cool! I liked how easy it was, just put the place-mark and type your info and you were done! It was neat to have to choose 8 places to map out. I chose to do places in relation to the Holocaust (concentration camps, Anne Frank’s house, museum in DC, etc) in order for students to have to go through the journey of the concentration camps. Each place-mark was embedded with a link to that concentration camp’s historical webpage. Each place-mark also included a question to make the students think about what they had just read on the webpage, or gave them a question to think about before they looked into the camp/house/museum. I would want to use this in my History classes in order to map out the journey of voyagers or even map out major battles of wars in order for the students to get a feel for exactly where these events occurred. I could even tie together the timetoast timeline and the googletrek assignemtn in order to showcase both of the tools!

INDT 501: Mini Projects

Sunday, March 17th, 2013


I really liked the idea of choosing two technology tools to focus on this past week. I enjoyed learning about all of them but the idea of a Wordle and Voki really stood out. I was a little skeptical at first on how I was going to make these and what I would use as information in each one.

Let’s just start off by saying the Wordle is AMAZING. I thought it was so neat that it arranged the words for you and you could change around the colors and shapes. I would definitely use this in my classroom as an introductory page to the lesson we were going to begin, perhaps by putting all the important/key words or vocabulary words on the sheet in a neat shape to get the students attention. That way they could always relate back to those sheets when they needed to think of the word.

Creating the Voki was pretty fun. I had a sore throat this week and sounded kind of gross so I chose to just type in the information and then go from there. I chose to create a voki as if I was planning for my students to view it either the night before class or during computer lab time in class. It was a short sample of the beginning of instructions for a webquest to the Supreme Court website. I gave simple instructions on how to find the website and then gave two instructions for finding material on the website.   (view Voki here!)


 I would definitely try to incorporate both of these ideas into my lesson plans and offer them as choices for the students to do projects with too!


Information on Wordle: I chose a civics lesson from the state standard CE.3 (Social Studies, Grade7) from the Library of Congress website. This lesson focused on the values of American citizens. I decided to enter random words about America and civic duties to make into the wordle. I did not choose too many words in order to keep it pretty neat and clean. I think it came out nicely. I would want to play around with it more and add more words to it in order for it to mean a little more to the students and the lesson.