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INDT 501-02: New Technologies

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

TED talks Youtube channel

I’m just going to start off by saying that those TED talks are so interesting and awesome! I thought it was incredibly neat that when you “wore technology” you could just put your four fingers together and take a picture..of anything..ANYWHERE. That is awesome! That could definitely be beneficial in classroom. For only $350 (which doesn’t seem too bad), you could have one that the school can share.  It was be neat for classes to take this on a fieldtrip, that way a blog or school website could be updated instantly with pictures from the trip.  It would also be neat to have this in the classroom or in the environment when you’re outside with your students. I can only imagine that this would open up so many opportunities and ideas for the future generations!

I also thought that the ARIS game program was really neat. I would definitely try to use this as much as I could in a classroom. I read an article that an ARIS game was created which walked students through Vietnam protest on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The students, “using their phones, the kids view footage of protests at the same spots where they’re standing. They also learn how the press covered the war and how that colored the protests”.  As I hope to teach History I think this would be an amazing app to walk students through the Fredericksburg Battlefields and spots around Downtown Fredericksburg where significant events occurred during the Civil War and such.  I would also want to incorporate the podcasts via mobile phones so that the students could immediately share with the class their feelings of being in the same spot that events occurred hundreds of years ago.

I would also like to have a class blog for my classes. I want the blog to be a source of information and creativity for my students. I like the idea that you can upload videos, texts and pictures from your phone to the blog (  This would give the students more opportunities outside the classroom to find information and immediately upload the information instead of waiting and forgetting. This would have made it easier for me as a student when I saw something that relted to my class while I was in another state or on vacation. If I could updated the blog and shared what I found instead of printing the picture, and writing up a reflection.  It’s important that as we continue to live in the 21st century that we try, as teachers, to incorporate as much of modern technology as we can. As teachers, we cannot fall behind into the traditional teaching model but need to embrace the technology, embrace our students needs and desires of learning and try our best to make learning hands-on and fun again!