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INDT 501-02 Week 4: Information Literacy and Creativity

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013


The scratch program is very interesting.  I had a hard time using it, even with watching the tutorial. I think I had this idea in my mind that it would come out a lot cleaner and not be as awkward to use, this was not the case.  I’m not sure if it was my computer, but it split the sprite into 2 images even though it was only 1.  I tried to get the sprite to move steps but what I thought would be a lot (40) turned out to not be that many and then the sprite got cut off the screen.  Even with retracting the steps it still stayed split off the screen.  I think this is a good concept but I’m not sure if students could comprehend It as quickly as a class period.  I like this idea in terms of introducing a concept to the classroom.  In terms of using it to engage in the classroom I would stick with having the students introduce their lesson they would be teaching to the class, or their project by creating a Scratch program but I would not want them to use it fully.

I did sit and think about exactly what I wanted to do in terms of the Scratch.  I knew that I wanted it to only introduce a topic for further discussion.  Therefore I thought about if I was teaching a Civics or government class and I wanted to introduce how a bill becomes a law.  I had the two sprites quickly converse about if they know how a bill becomes a law.  I would like to add more detail the sprite eventually when I add it to my Web Portfolio to actually have links ready for students or others to click on to get basic information on how a bill becomes a law.   I would also like to link up to a webquest or a lesson online through or such that the students would do.  I think this would get them interested in seeing the Scratch (perhaps making one of their own), and then continuing to use technology to teach the rest of the lesson.

I think ideas such as Scratch programs, game programs and other technological tools would aid very much in the classroom.  This is definitely more engaging to students than the teacher standing in front of the classroom at a podium reciting the book.  I also think this idea of a Scratch program would be a good assessment tool.  Students could be asked to create a Scratch on what they learned throughout the lesson. There would not be clear directions because I would want to see what the students could come up with on their own.  With the Scratch program I can see how they would apply the lesson to the real world instead of them just creating a concept map of vocabulary terms that they used.  I think a perfect idea for a Scratch program would be for each students, or groups of students, to research one amendment on the constitution. Using a google themed search for the amendments that I have created, the students then act out the amendment, or the reasons for the amendment being introduced, through a Scratch program they wrote themselves.