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INDT 501-02: Shared Sticky Notes

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013


Wallwisher (now Padlet) is amazing. I thought this was one of the neatest tools to use.  It way super easy and allowed for anyone to post, and contribute to your “wall” with their own “sticky note”.  I would use this in my classroom as much as possible. I think it would be really helpful to use this when students are brainstorming ideas for research projects, brainstorming for a paper topic, or just to see ideas that students have.

I would want to use this within my classroom to really get to know how the students are feeling about a certain topic, and because you don’t necessarily need to put your name onto the post, it could be done anonmyously in order for the students to truly express their opinion of the topic they are learning or about a test they had just taken.  This tool allows for the students to get more involved without having to talk allowed in class. I would really want to use this as a secondary entrance or exit ticket. I would ask for the students to submit a “sticky note” in regards to a reading they just did for homework or to reflect and answer a questions (in their own words) about what they learned that day in class.

I chose to create a wall titled “Most Important Historical Figure”.  That way, with this topic, people coudl list anyperson that they wanted, with an explanation or not. I chose to submit JFK, and then post a youtube video of his famous “ask not what..” speech for others to view.


Feel free to click the link at the top and post your own sticky note!!