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INDT 501-02: Creating a music video

Sunday, February 17th, 2013


When I first saw that we were creating a music video, I had this idea that it would be a video of me singing about a lesson, and quite frankly I was scared.  However, learning that it would be done via pictures on really soothed me!  I thought the website was easy to use.  I watched the tutorial, which was quick and easy.  I decided to do a lesson on the Emancipation Proclamation.  I thought this would be a good topic to introduce via pictures that way students could really see what was going on at the time of the Civil War instead of reading about it in a textbook.  The only issue I had with the making of this video was finding pictures that were “free to use or share” on Google images.  Most of the pictures ended up coming from, because I kept getting strange pictures of people on Google.

I would definitely use this as a tool often in my classroom.  It could be a little tedious to make a longer movie, and I’m not sure that students would be as engaged sitting watching a longer movie.  I would definitely use this as an option for projects in my classroom, or group work to make mini movies about a topic that we had read about.  I think students would enjoy being able to pick their own photos and music to describe a topic, this would give them a little control, and also let me see how they are interpreting the topic.